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Michael Ginarto is a multi-millionaire, serial entrepreneur and a Real Estate Investor. Michael is considered the world’s leading expert in sales and marketing and is referred to by many as the “Millionaire Mentor.”

He has built many businesses from various industries from zero that later generate multi-million dollars in revenues and then selling them for profits within just a few years.

He has an outstanding business formula for creating maximum profits and exponential results with minimal effort. His Outstanding Formula to creating profitable business plans, outstanding high converting sales and marketing campaigns, outstanding best - selling products, outstanding memorable customer experience has proven to win countless awards, recognitions and massive impact. He has an extensive track record of success in selling commercial real estate and iconic - luxurious condominiums to High-Net Worth Individuals.

Michael’s rise to success did not come easily. He was not very good academically. In fact, he almost failed junior high-school, and to avoid family embarrassment, he was sent to Canada, where he stayed there for a period of 10 years, to complete his formal education. He struggled many years with the English language and western culture. He was often made fun of by his peers, and barely graduated from university.

His early career was marked by adversity and struggle. Michael got his first job when he was 14, shovelling snow for minimum wage and barely making ends meet. He dabbled in working in the corporate world for 2 years, and found that it’s not his purpose. He knew within himself that there’s a big purpose for his life, and upon surfing the internet, he stumbled upon a book that opened his mind to the world of business, and led him learning anything he can get his hands on about business.

Since then, Michael has only worked for himself. His reputation is well established in the Real Estate and Entrepreneurs space, having launched several successful companies. Companies under his leadership generate more than $100 million in sales a year, and tens of millions of dollars in revenue in the last few years.

Michael is one of the rare keynote speakers and business consultants that actually owns a portfolio of highly profitable business ventures. He is also well known for his keen online brand perception, social marketing ideas, business growth strategies, new product promotions, and email marketing genius.

Because of Michael’s transformational journey to reaching the top, in just his 30’s, he believes in giving back to the community anyway he can. In 2015, Michael founded BLESSMORE Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization that supports & Contributes to Orphanages for entrepreneurial education, food & shelter in Indonesia. In 2020 He is elected as the President of Rotary Club Jakarta Menteng, part of the Rotary International.

Michael's success in his business and personal life is proof of his professionalism, dedication and commitment to what is possible for all human beings. 

He authentically doesn't claim perfection. Like most people, his life has been both challenging and at times seemingly overwhelming. He has experienced the same kind of defeat, despair, loss, burden, shame and guilt that we all do at various points in our lives and has used his background, both personal and professional, to unleash a unique and vital message that blasts a hole through the BS of the business industry. 

As one of the leading business practitioner, with a strong reputation that has impacted thousands of people, he now dedicates his time to teaching others business mastery, financial freedom, and life mastery with a new approach. He actively seeks opportunities where he can share his real-world strategies and proven business fundamentals.

A Fast Moving Consumer Goods company:
1. Start from ground zero.
2. Conduct Initial Market Research (Competitor Analysis, Market Positioning, Pricing Analysis).
3. Define my target market.
4. Devise a Market Penetration strategy and intensive plan.
5. Build a database of potential buyers online and offline.
6. Company incorporation and business license registrations.
7. Corporate bank accounts setup.
8. Create sales & marketing tools offline and online to attract clienteles.
9. Attract, Recruit, Train, and Maintain High Performance Staffs
10. Build a client base of over 2,000 businesses, establish distribution infrastructure sold the company for profits within 3.5 years.

 High End Real Estate
Consulting Company

High-End Real Estate Consulting Company
• Land Acquisition & Development
• Development and Investment feasibility study
• Market Research & Analysis
• Assessment of land zoning to ensure maximum use and development feasibility
• Negotiation of contract prices and terms with various vendors & solicitors
• Dealing directly with various multi teams such as engineers, solicitors, town
• planners, consultants and other advisors to ensure timely feasibility

Outstanding Marketing Campaigns that:
• Build, maintain and liaising with high net worth clients
• Maximise value and return on investment for all stakeholders
• Initiate a marketing strategy & implementation to ensure maximum profits
• Coordinating property closings and overseeing document signing
• Devise Marketing Campaigns that Convert Cold Leads into Raving Fans

Business Ignite – Iconic Australian Real Estates
1. Company Incorporation, Business License Registrations
2. Attract, Recruit, Train, and Maintain High Performance Teams
3. Establish Domicile for Business from ground zero to fully furnished, operational and open for business.
4. Public Relations Ignite; Promote projects with Press Releases, Press Conferences, Free & Paid Advertising, Social Media Strategies, Reviews, 
Online Media Influencers & Bloggers, Radio & TV Placements and Magazines.

Highly Skilled and Experienced in Launching Sold Out
Multi – Million Dollar Iconic Real Estate Projects

V by Crown Group

Waterfall by Crown Group

Arc by Crown Group

Infinity by Crown Group

SKYE BY Crown Group 

VIVA BY Crown Group 

Experienced in building
network and tribes

Experienced in Building Tribes of Raving Fans

In a short period of 3,5 years, he has built a very successful Network Marketing Company from Zero to Multi Million Dollars in Yearly Revenue that he later sold for profits.
Built a raving fans of over 30,000 members nationwide.

The 8 Best Selling Health & Wellness Products

Formulate, Design, Launch and Profit

Hydrogin Dynamic - Hydrogin Atom - Hydrogin Max
 glamore Nutri Fiber - glamore Double Stem Cells with Acai Berry 
iglow Brightening Spray - iglow Moisturizing Serum - Radiation Protect

Successfully Conducted 90+ Offline Events Nationwide. A few Highlights:
a. The First Anniversary + Product Launch (+/- 800 Pax)
b. The Second Anniversary (+/- 850 pax)
c. The Third Anniversary (+/- 900 pax)

Anniversary 2017

Anniversary 2018

Anniversary 2019

Branding Strategist

Creating a brand means telling your customer's story. Your customer should be the hero of the story,  not your company's brand. They don't care about your company's brand, they only care about their story and experience with your company. Most successful businesses who have a strong brand understands this.
Businesses that invite their customers into heroic story grow. Businesses that don't are forgotten.  

Glamore Lifestyle 2016 - 2017

Glamore Lifestyle 2017 - 2018

Glamore Lifestyle 2018 - 2019

Successfully rewarded distributors with free holiday to 8 Glamorous Holiday Destinations
a. Beijing Reward Holiday August 2019
b. Japan Reward Holiday January 2019
c. Hong Kong Reward Holiday December 2018
d. Royal Caribbean Cruise Holiday May 2018
e. Shanghai Reward Holiday December 2017
f. Kuala Lumpur Reward Holiday May 2017
g. South Korea Reward Holiday December 2016
h. Bangkok Reward Holiday May 2016



Hong Kong

Royal Caribbean Cruise


Kuala Lumpur

South Korea


An Award Winning Company

Not only does his company reward top distributors with Cash rewards and holiday destinations, but it also has won 8 Prestigious Awards:
a. The Most Innovative Network Marketing Company 2019
b. The Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 Junior Chamber of Commerce
c. The Best Reputable Company With Quality Health Care Product 2018
d. The Best Performing Network Marketing Company 2018
e. The Most Reliable Company of the Year 2018
f. The Best Quality Product & Customer Satisfaction of the Year 2017
g. The Best Improvement Company of the Year 2017
h. The Best Trusted Company of The Year 2016

Media Placements

Active in Organizational & Charity Foundations
• HIPMI (Himpunan Pengusaha Muda Indonesia) 2018 – Now
• Rotary Foundation (Rotary Club Jakarta Menteng) 2017 – Now
• Lions Club 2012 – 2016
• Full Gospel Community 2017 – Now
• Yayasan Lima Roti Dua Ikan - http://www.5roti-2ikan.com
• Yayasan Bina Bangsa Unggul


Built a Non Profit Organization that has helped hundreds of orphans!
Throug this organization, more than 10 Orphanages supported, and also contribution to the Indonesian Red Cross (Palang Merah Indonesia), he actively seeks opportunities where he can contribute to the world.


Tuna Ganda

Rumah Shalom

Sayap Ibu

Yayasan Prima Unggul 

Bhakti Luhur


Si Boncel

Beriku Hati




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